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True enough, we cannot bring our material possessions after death. Folling a loved one's passing, another challenge that the remaining family members mat have to face is the probate process. The deceased person's financial affairs will need to get organized, requiring the help of a trusted probate attorney. 

Cass & Ramos, PLLC houses a team of professional Miami probate attorneys who are always glad to assist you. As beneficiary or heir, you need legal assistance with regard to settling assets or estates after a loved one's death. 

The legal approach concerning families, children and marriages after someone's death is often complicated and emotionally draining. Our probate attorneys have specialized in probate law and practiced in the field for over 5 years. You can rest assured knowing your specific case will be properly examined by brilliant and capable minds. 

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"Rest assured knowing your case will be carefully examined by brilliant and capable minds"

What is Probate?

The particular probate process depends on the nature of the case--whether the decedent had a will (testate) or did not have a will (intestate). Because probate is a legal process of identifying the decedent's estate assets and then determining how the deceased person's estate will be distributed, the process can be very time consuming, complicated and frustrating. Our probate attorneys can alleviate your burden by providing legal instructions and legal advice to heirs, beneficiaries or a personal representative. 

Testate and Intestate Situations

A "testator" is someone who died with a provided will. The one responsible for the probate administration of a testator's probate is a personal representative. In the context of a testate case, our lawyers will help review the legal documents, such as wills and trusts, to properly explain the contents and ensure that the documents are valid. We will also examine the documents to make sure they were freely signed by the individual and that the execution of the documents was not forced. 

When someone dies without a will or when a decedent's will is determined by the probate court to be legally invalid, the probate proceeding is considered "intestate". In such cases, the distribution of the probate estate assets will be made in accordance with Florida's intestacy probate laws. Our attorneys will make sure that the decedents assets are distributed properly to the heirs or beneficiaries. 


These are legal documents such as deeds, certificates of titles and other records of ownership. These documents mist ne properly retitles to transfer ownership to the beneficiaries and heirs. 


Certain bank accounts and debts owned or owing by the decedent must be reviewed in order to transfer funds from the bank accounts to the probate's estate asset depository. 


Many times, disputes between beneficiaries cannot be settled. Out Miami probate attorneys are experienced negotiators that can look at these disputes objectively and from every perspective.

Let's Work Together

While every life is certainly unique, every probate administration is different. Our lawyers have handled cases of diverse origins, complexities and values. Countless clients have placed their trust in Cass & Ramos, PLLC and their expectations have been consistently met and exceeded.


With our Miami probate attorneys, you’ll never have to leave with a heavy heart and a busy mind.

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